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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Security

Alarms, CCTV, card access control and other security systems are all part of the Commercial Real Estate security toolbox when it comes to protecting your facilities. USENTRA security officers use these tools daily to help control access, patrol your premises, respond to emergency incidents and observe and report valuable information to help you better protect your investment property.

Added Value and Safety for Your Tenants

One way to add tremendous value to your leases is providing on-site security personnel. Tenants are greeted by friendly, customer service aimed security personnel typically wearing a suit or soft-look style uniforms. Our professional specialists go beyond checking identification and processing visitors. We can handle package management, visitor escort, contractor assistance and property investigations. All of our Commercial Real Estate Security Services are designed to impress and protect your tenants and property so everyone feels safe and comfortable while spending time in and around your building.

  • Integrated Security System Monitoring

  • Reception/Greeter

  • Visitor Management Systems

  • Facility Patrols

  • Incident Reports

  • Building Systems Monitoring

  • Emergency Response

  • Parking Lot Protection

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