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Residential Security and Concierge

Residential Security and Concierge

We know what can go wrong in a residential complex - noise control issues, unwanted visitors, late night mechanical problems, emergency incidents and parking violations. It takes great customer service skills to make your residents happy, and we can be part of your winning strategy. Our officers and concierge staff can field complaints, investigate unusual circumstances and patrol your complex in marked security vehicles that deter trespassers.

We're There to Help

We are a part of your customer service team. Your tenants deserve to be greeted and assisted by friendly, professional people ready to help any way we can. Our presence instills confidence and comfort which demonstrates your commitment to safety and security. Our uniformed officers are trained to control visitor traffic and continuously monitor the premises for unwanted activity, hazardous conditions, or unusual circumstances. Our concierge people go a step further by providing hospitality inspired assistance to the members of your private community.

  • Access Control

  • Concierge/Reception

  • Visitor Management

  • Foot and Mobile Patrols and Reporting

  • Resident Package Assistance

  • Unit Alarm Monitoring

  • Emergency Response

  • Community Facilities Open/Close and Monitoring

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