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Let Us Protect Your Mobile Assets

How well do you sleep when all those new, expensive cars in your lot are just waiting for thieves to steal or vandalize? USENTRA security officers will patrol and prevent inventory loss and damage using marked vehicles, bright lights, tracking technology and focused observation skills. Let us open and close your stores, allow parts deliveries overnight and assist customers after hours so your business can be successful.

It's About Being Visible and Vigilant

Visibility and lighting are the best deterrents against criminal activity. When potential perpetrators see USENTRA security officers patrolling your property and watching for them, they turn and leave. Meanwhile, we watch the store when you go home at night. If you want to allow shoppers to browse your lots when the business is closed, we can monitor them and make sure your facility is safe and secure.

  • Marked Vehicle Mobile Patrols

  • Open/Close Showrooms and Service

  • Assist With Parts and Vehicle Deliveries

  • Receive Towed Service Vehicles

  • Control Access for Cleaning Staff

  • Provide Guidance to Customers After Hours

  • Incident Response

  • Report Hazardous Conditions

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