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Industrial Security

Seventy years ago, USENTRA's legacy company was founded to provide security services to industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our clients included prominent companies such as General Electric, Sylvania, Cumberland Engineering, Health-Tex and Arkwright. Back then, the facilities we protected were the old, brick factories that have mostly been converted or demolished. Today, we have evolved along with our industrial clients operating state-of-the-art facilities for products from fashion jewelry to textiles and personal hygiene.

Safe Plant Operations

An effective security program promotes a safe environment for your employees. Hazardous conditions, spills, faulty equipment and malfunctioning fire prevention systems are all special areas that are constantly reported by our trained security professionals so you can run a safe plant and avoid accidents and injuries. At the same, time we can open and close, man checkpoints and manage traffic in and out of your facility. Our security experts will help design a program that provides maximum protection you can count on.

  • Safety Patrols

  • Fire Extinguisher Checks

  • Hazardous Condition and Spill Reporting

  • Facility Patrols

  • Incident Reports

  • Lighting Inspections and Reports

  • Emergency Response

  • Visitor and Contractor Escorts

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