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Insurance and Financial

Insurance and Financial Security

A customized approach provides the best result for insurance and financial company security services. We understand the unique cultural brand and image that represents your business. Your security team is part of that image. Our approach is to tailor the training, appearance and performance of our officers so that they compliment your operation and minimize the threat to your people and assets.

Around the Clock Protection

During the day and after hours, our security specialists are busy protecting your facilities. Your employees and visitors feel safe when greeted by a USENTRA employee as they pass through a controlled VMS or integrated security system. Our officers provide confidence and comfort, which shows them you care and are committed to safety and security. Specialized training prepares our people to perform customized functions that incorporate customer service and friendly assistance while maintaining control of your facility.

  • Integrated Security System monitoring

  • Reception/Greeter

  • Visitor Management Systems

  • Facility patrols

  • Incident reports

  • Building systems monitoring

  • Emergency response

  • Parking lot protection

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