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Retail Properties

Retail Environments

Retail is all about customer service, and the experience of your shoppers and tenants is the focus of our approach. Shopping should be fun, or at least stress-free, and we are there to maintain a safe, secure environment for all to enjoy.

Helping Customers

Dead battery? Lost child? Need directions? We can help! Shopping facilities present a unique set of challenges for security officers to manage. We develop a close relationship with your local law enforcement agency. The dual mission of deterring crime while promoting industry-leading customer service requires specialized training and careful selection of personnel. Our team of professional, uniformed security officers play a big role in helping you achieve your goals. Keep your shopping centers safe with us.

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Customer Service and Assistance

  • Foot Patrols

  • Emergency Response

  • Tenant Assistance

  • Lockouts and Dead Batteries

  • Parking and Traffic Control

  • Theft Deterrent

  • Trespass Prevention

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