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Cannabis Security

Cannabis and Alternative Medicine (unarmed/armed) Security Services

The cannabis and alternative medicine industries are growing rapidly, and laws are changing across the USA. Cannabis retailers, farms, dispensaries, and cultivating and manufacturing facilities are a high-profile target for theft and violent crime. State and local governments are also regulating security needs for cannabis businesses, and compliance standards may vary state to state. With this in mind, USENTRA can help you establish a comprehensive security and protective resources plan, which is a critical component for any successful cannabis business. Our experience in this novel industry uniquely qualifies us to be your security partner in this exciting and pioneering industry.

Experience, Training, Professionalism and Customer Service is paramount

Hand selecting the proper security staff for your cannabis or alternative medicine business is essential. We require our guards for cannabis facilities to have sufficient experience along with firearms training (when armed security is needed), which is indispensable for this specialized industry.


The following is a list of common cannabis security service responsibilities:

  • Deter and prevent employee, customer and/or intruder theft

  • Enforce access control procedures and verify identification

  • Customer traffic control

  • Monitor CCTV’s, card access and alarm systems

  • Locking/unlocking storage systems and facilities

  • Secure materials and products during handling, storage and transportation

  • Loss prevention and inventory tracking

  • Security incident reporting/notification

  • Ensure product safety

  • Interior or exterior security patrols

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