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Mobile Video Surveillance

  • Completely portable 

  • Wireless

  • No WiFi needed

  • No connected power

  • A million uses

Portable, Smart CCTV Technology Anywhere You Need It 

Motion Sensors - Thermal Imaging - Live Audible Messaging - Strobe Lights  

Are you concerned about theft and vandalism in remote locations? Our mobile surveillance trailer units can be placed virtually anywhere. They detect motion and thermal imaging while streaming live video to you or a monitoring professional. As soon as movement is detected an alert can be sent and a number of responses can occur including:

  • Text alerts to you or others.

  • Call you or your contact list.

  • Notify your security service company or police.

  • Broadcast a live audible message at the site such as, "you are trespassing leave the area immediately."

  • Live stream video to your mobile phone.

Permanent Installation Options Available

For more information or a demonstration contact Mark Messier
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