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Security Operations Technology

All of USENTRA's operations are supported by advanced technological solutions. We know where our people are, in real time,  and we have electronic reporting and documentation to back it up.

Mobile Apps

Using a variety of mobile apps, GPS, and other technologies, we are continuously connected to our officers and monitoring their activity to ensure quality control and compliance. Our apps are capable of:

  • Tracking patrols within a facility or along a specific route.

  • Tracking vehicles to ensure safe operation and route verification.

  • Video calls and conferencing.

  • Check-in status and verification.


Video evidence is extremely informational and highly valuable. Our patrol vehicle dashcams can capture front and rear activity and also serve as a means to keep our employees safe.

Cloud Reporting Solutions

Our web-based reporting solutions provide easy access for clients and USENTRA officers to enter specific information about your facility.

  • General Activity Reports

  • Unusual Activity Reports

  • Emergency Incident Reports

  • Maintenance Reports

  • Hazardous Conditions Reports

  • Visitor Reports

Guard Force Management Systems

Our customized management software is the central hub for organizing all the data associated with scheduling, billing, accounting and human resources. Accurate information is the key to getting people to the right place on time, and to generating error-free invoices for you.

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