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Life Sciences

Professional Courteous Security

We understand that biotech and pharmaceutical businesses are unique and the products they work with require special care and protection. When your labs are active, we control who enters your specialized facility, often employing sophisticated electronic security systems. When the labs are closed for the day and your scientists and employees have gone home, we remain on site to ensure that your hard work is safe and ready when you return.

The People Part of Your Security Program

Your electronic and computerized security systems are only one layer of protection. Our people help you support those systems, as well as the procedures and processes that are the backbone of your security plan. Let USENTRA develop solutions for your specific needs to help you control and protect your facilities and assets. We do this using a variety of tools and technologies, including:

  • ID Checks

  • Visitor Management Systems

  • Interior/Exterior Patrols

  • Lab Checks

  • Temperature and Equipment Monitoring

  • Hazmat Reporting

  • Identify Breaches and Incidents

  • Emergency Response

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