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Special Investigations

Confidential Special Investigations

How do you protect yourself in a litigious world full of risk? Accurate intelligence often means the difference between a regrettable outcome and a successful resolution. Good information can guide your decision-making and help you manage sensitive situations in your organization. When the situation calls for it, let us help.

The Intelligent Choice

Our Special Investigation Services are backed by integrity, experience and tenacity. Each case is handled with the highest levels of sensitivity and confidentiality. Using a variety of experienced resources, we can give you an edge that leads to a positive outcome.

  • Internal Theft

  • Surveillance

  • Research

  • Forensic Audits

  • Sensitive Human Resource Matters

  • Corporate Undercover

  • Background Checks

  • Due Diligence

Colonel Brendan Doherty

Head of Special Projects

Retired Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, Colonel Brendan Doherty, heads up Special Projects for our clients. His extraordinary background and experience over 28 years as a member of the RISP uniquely qualifies him to lead any type of investigation. Brendan has a proven track record in criminal, forensic, financial, health care, corruption and other types of investigations.

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