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Healthcare Security

Healthcare security requires solutions designed for its particular needs. Highly trained officers perform their jobs based on security standards for ER/ED, HIPPA, Joint Commission, IAHSS, patient interaction, Environment of Care, conflict resolution, customer service, visitor policies, and reporting. All of our healthcare security officers receive customer care training to help you meet your customer service goals. You have an important mission - we can help.

Comfortable Safe Patients and Healthcare Workers

From single medical offices to complete hospital complexes, our team of specially trained healthcare security officers are prepared to help you increase patient satisfaction. Our responsive security team continuously maintains a safe environment so your staff, patients and visitors feel comfortable and protected. Your success with accreditation and patient satisfaction depends on our performance and how we control and manage the constant flow of traffic through your complex, oftentimes 24/7.

  • Emergency Response

  • Observe, Deter, Report

  • Patient De-Escalation

  • Visitor Management Systems

  • Interior/exterior patrols

  • Lab Checks

  • Hazmat Reporting

  • ID Checks

  • Identify Breaches and Incidents

  • Patient Watch

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