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Employee Selection

We know new members will be challenged to use their personal skills and experience to perform at a high level of customer service. Our selective process is careful, detailed, thorough and with the right position and assignment in mind. Once hired, all of our employees are treated with dignity and respect. We frequently promote from within. We reward good performance with pay increases and always welcome input and ideas.

The percentage of applicants who qualify to be hired as a USENTRA employee

What We Look For

Can Do Attitude

We look for go-getters who are ambitious and possess customer service skills


Qualified prospective candidates display professional appearence and demeanor 

Skills Matter

It's all about customer service, communications and technology


We recognize excellent performance and reward it by promoting from within 


  • Recruiter meetings

  • Area Manager Interview

  • Human Resources

  • In-person and Virtual

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We start by meeting and getting to know the people who eventually join our company. Then we complete a thorough background check and screening process.

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