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A New Name for 2021

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Our legacy dates back to 1946 when the original owner established the company under the name Rhode Island Bureau of Investigation & Protection. Along the way, the name was revised to RIBI Security. Today, as we grow into a regional company, expanding well beyond our original boundaries, the time for a new name and brand has come.

Announcing USENTRA Security Services.

USENTRA is one of the largest independent security service firms in New England. Even though we have grown, we haven't forgotten our roots and are still American owned and operated locally.

We started 75 years ago as a small business built on integrity and superior customer service. Those pillars remain today and continue driving us to new heights.

We have experience servicing a variety of industries such as education, healthcare, property management, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, financial, museums, auto dealerships and more.

As USENTRA heads into this new era, we haven't forgotten our past recipe for success. Our history in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, prepares us well for the regional New England opportunities that await.

We stand proud to be your full-service security partner, even if we look a little different.

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2022년 10월 07일

As I head back into the family of USENTRA formerly RIBI, I hope the welcoming committee accepts me back once again. I had been a part of the team when the name was RIBI. wish me luck tomorrow 10/7/22 to return once again. great company to work for. Integrity at its best.

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